Chedworth Pre-School is currently being run ‘remotely’ from home, interacting with our families through Tapestry (our online earning Diaries platform) or via email and telephone.

  Each child received a ‘Learning at home’ pack with a book and arts and craft acivities that we knew would interest him or her whilst we are closed; along with a list of activities that their parents could possibly try at home.

   Here are a few idea’s that you could try at home, only requiring  small amount of resources from your home:

  • Create musical instruments (using an empty, clean plastic bottle and fill with dried rice / pasta or lentils before sealing the top – can you make louder / quieter sounds?)
  • A Scavenger hunt (inside or outside; suggest colours or textures of the objects to find)
  • Outdoor ‘painting’ (a pot with water and a paintbrush or roller to fit inside the pot, allow the children to ‘paint’ the garden fence, shed, walls etc!)
  • Toys frozen in ice (using plastic toys or flowers and herbs freeze them in a container and allow the child to explore the ice – salt water in an old soap dispenser would help to melt the ice, or perhaps they have some tools to ‘chisel’ out the toys to rescue!)
  • Plant a potato (no seed potato’s in your house? have a look in your bag of potato’s in the kitchen, has one or two started to sprout? They will grow in a pot – keep burying the leaves with soil to enourage the plant to grow taller! How many baby potato’s have you grown?)
  • Create an obstacle course (Indoors or outdoors; crawl under a chair, balance along a skipping rope / tape on the ground, hop and jump – what other moves can your child think of?)

Most of all; these activities only require your imagination and interpretation of them! Have fun with your children and have fun creating memories for them!

For now; our doors may be closed and the toys are packed away, but we are very much still here to support everyone through this difficult time.

  Please do email or telephone if you would like any further information for Chedworth Pre-School.

    Stay safe – stay at home